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FAQ last edited on 21st January 2020

How do I choose between Internet-based test (iBT) & paper-based test?
We strongly recommend taking iBT based on the following advantages iBT has over paper-based test:
  • During the listening test, iBT test takers will have their own personal headphonesto listen to the questions. By having a personal headphones instead of listening to the speaker in an exam hall, test taker can listen to the questions much more clearly.
  • During the writing test, iBT test takers will be typing their answers from their keyboard using Hanyu Pinyin. This prevents the test takers from forgetting how to write certain characters (word amnesia is a thing in writing Chinese), or having a too ugly handwriting which causes the person who marks the exam unable to read the answer, hence leading to possible mark reduction.
  • iBT test takers will also be able to choose the font size for the questions and answers, which the test taker can choose the best size that eases their eye while reading the questions and answers.
  • iBT results are announced much earlier. Compared to the paper based test which is 30 days, iBT test results are released 15 days after the test ends. If you are in a hurry, iBT is the choice.
  • iBT registration ends 15 days before the examin comparison to paper based test which is 45 days. Which mean if you decides to take the test last minute, you may still register for the iBT test 15 days before the test commences.
How do I register for HSK?

At Han Culture Centre Test Centre, there are two method to register for the exam. 1, register at Hanban’s website; 2, register at our website.
All test taker that register for the exam at will be taking their exam at UTAR Sungai Long Campus Test Centre; For other test centres, please register at our website.
Registering at Hanban’s website:

  1. Go to and register an account
  2. Login the account you created, and register for an exam. Choose “Internet-based test” and find “Han Culture Centre Test Centre”
  3. After registering at the website, go to the following form, make payment and fill up the form. All the information you need to make a payment is in the form.
  4. Please check for your payment status 3 working days after you made the payment. Should it remains “unpaid”, please contact us immediately.

Registering at our website:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “HSK 2020 REGISTRATION” or “HSKK 2020 REGISTRATION”
  3. Choose a test centre you desire
  4. Choose the corresponding date you wishes to take the exam.
  5. Fill up the registration form
  6. You will receive a confirmation email within minutes after filling up the form. Please contact us immediately should you have not received any email.
What are the costs of each level?

The cost of each level are as follows:

  • HSK Level 1 — RM100
  • HSK Level 2 — RM130
  • HSK Level 3 — RM160
  • HSK Level 4 — RM190
  • HSK Level 5 — RM220
  • HSK Level 6 — RM250
I am a foreigner, can I take HSK at your centre?

Yes you may.

We will be charging the HSK fee according to our rate, and all payment must be made in Malaysian Ringgit. There will be no extra charges on HSK fee for foreigners.

However, your certificate will be posted to our centre in Malaysia, and we will be charging international shipping fee should you request us to post your certificate internationally to your designated country.

I can’t upload my photo / bank-in slip / passport photo, what should I do?

You may check out the error message regarding why the upload has failed. Usually it is because your photo size (not resolution size, but how many kB) is too large. Please shrink your photo or convert it into PDF file and upload again.

Should the error remain, please upload a placeholder photo at the moment, then send us the photos that you cannot upload to our email at

What should I do after I’ve registered for the test?

If you registered at Hanban’s website:

  1. Please go to the following form, make payment according to your HSK level, and fill in the following form
  2. After filling up the payment form, please go to and check if your payment status has changed to “paid” after three working days.
  3. If after 3 working days, your status is remains “unpaid”, please contact us immediately
  4. If your status has changed to “paid”, please check your email approximately 10 days before the exam for the next step.

If you registered at our website:

  1. You will immediately receive an email regarding your payment is successful. Please double check your personal details.
  2. Should there are no problem with your personal details, please check your email approximately 10 days before the exam for the next step.
I have received a confirmation letter from Hanban regarding HSK, what is the next step?

Please login to your HSK account now and check for errors regarding your personal details.

Your “Username” for the website is your email address you have provided during the registration. For first time login, please go to and press “Recover Password”. Then, fill in your email and click recover. An email with a link to recover your password would send to your email within a minute or two. Click on the link that has been sent to your email address to setup a new password for your HSK account.

After that, login to the with your email address and your new password, and you will arrive at “Personal Information Centre”. Please check for error regarding your personal details.

If there are errors, please do inform us before the test so that we can amend the error.

If there are no error, please print the admission ticket, and bring it to the test.

There will be a penalty of RM10.00 should you forgot to print the admission ticket. Otherwise, you will not be eligible to take the HSK exam.

My exam is coming, what should I bring on the day of the exam?

On the day of the exam, test takers are required to bring the following identification document:

  1. Test Admission Ticket
  2. Original Malaysian I.C. or Original Passport

There will be a penalty of RM10 should the test taker did not bring their admission ticket.
For test takers who did not bring their Original Malaysian I.C. or Original Passport; or if they bring a photocopy of Malaysian I.C or photocopy of passport; the authority can bar the test taker from entering the exam hall.

My admission ticket cannot be printed, what should I do?

Due to the restriction from Hanban’s system, the test taker must use a Windows PC with Adobe Flash enabled, to print the test admission ticket. An Apple computer or a smartphone is not able to print the admission ticket.

If the test taker does not have any Windows PC nearby, please contact us at, we will send the test taker a PDF version of the test admission ticket to let the student to print.

I have finished my HSK, what next?

Congratulations! Now all you need to do is wait for the test result to be announced.
The result of HSK-Ibt will be announced approximately 15 days after the exam,you may check your result at; the certificate of HSK will reach our centre approximately 45 days after the exam. We will notify you when it reached our test centre.

I have other questions, what should I do?

Your questions are not listed in the FAQ? Please contact us by our email or call our number 03-6151 6684

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